• Help unite the citizens of Georgia under the theme: GOD – COUNTRY – FAMILY, while “Returning Power To The Citizens” of Georgia
  • Support the rule of law and security (Police) for all citizens
  • Emphasize – Socialism does not thrive in the United States
  • Assist in restoring economic (Anti-Inflation Policies) responsibility and accountability
  • Support restoration of the U.S. Energy Independence – Increase access to domestic oil/natural gas
  • Support the right to life (Pro-Life)

2016 – Brigadier General McColumn conducts a town hall meeting with a subordinate Command.

General McColumn conducting a speaking engagement with then Iowa Governor Terry Branstad (current US Ambassador to China) and current Governor, Kim Reynolds. The event is Veteran’s Day at the Capitol.

  • Support enhanced national security strategy that emboldens the United States
  • Support effective, flexible, and timely implementation of COVID policy that does not infringe upon the rights of Georgians
  • Support Georgia’s voting rights bill that does not surpress the right of any Georgia citizen to vote, including enhanced security measures and ID card or equivalent verification, protecting all Georgians’ vote
  • Support passage of a bill protecting Georgians’ 1st Amendment Right (speech) on all social media
  • Support enactment of law focused on reducing the U.S. debt; no tax increase or new spending except DoD
  • Increase the United States’ ability to focus on prioritized existential threats (such as China – Cyber Security – National Debt – Russia)
  • Assist in developing enhanced problem solving processes in Senate to seek solutions other than “Money”
  • Emphazise reading, writing, science, technology and arithmetic in education
  • Insist on tying checks and balances to all bills funded by taxpayers